Furniture Repair

Furniture repair and  restoration remains for the brave hearted. Fundamentally, one question always dominates thoughts; where do I begin? Unfortunately, not knowing the answer to this usually puts many of us from even attempting any restoration or furniture repair. If you’re not a seasoned restorer then unfortunately the options are seemingly limited. If you don’t know what you’re doing then what was seemingly a hobby can very quickly turn into a chore of epic proportions. But fear not, help is at hand with our quick, easy to restore guide.

Clean, and then clean again

Removing the years of residue from your furniture is always a good way of gauging exactly what need to be done. This can be an arduous and laborious task but ultimately the most satisfying. By giving your furniture a good clean you will be able to necessitate exactly what it is that needs to be done, what is still intact and what needs to be replaced. When undertaking the cleaning aspect of your restoration, remember to be careful, you do not want to be excessive so as to alter the furniture too much and create more unnecessary work for you. On the other hand, don’t be too conservative, unfortunately your furniture repair requires some elbow grease is required.

Have a clear idea of what it is you want

This is key to any successful restoration project, envisaging the end product is fundamental for your restoration. It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed with the work, so plan what you need to do and stick to it.

Seek advice if you are stuck

Whilst we all think we know what we are doing, the truth remains that most of the time it is trial and error; especially if you are restoring your furniture as a hobby. There are many restoration specialists out there, like the fenlan products store, who are able and willing to provide you with advice. Remember, don’t be shy when asking questions, this is also adequate opportunity to ask about products to use. Specific products have certain requirements that need to be adhered to, if the product is significantly aged, then you may need to use special waxes or oils to maintain the products integrity. So remember, if there is any area of the restoration that you are struggling with then help is at hand.

Choose the right materials

If your product is a genuine antique, then please tread very carefully. The last thing you want is to put a dent into a family heirloom. If it is a substantial piece of furniture that you’re repairing then have no hesitation to about calling in the experts!


Remember, this restoration is a hobby. Once finished, just think of the character that will be added to your room.

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